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   November 2016
  • 9 field demonstration
  • 57 demo crop cut
  • Regular field visits
  • Monitoring of briquette production

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Guidelines for Applicator Operation Training
At present there is only one applicator on the market. This is known as the BARI model. It is suitable for general use and will be promoted by AAPI. As other models come onto the market they will also be promoted. Applicator operation training will be offered to farmers interested in buying/using an applicator.

Note: AAPI does not provide applicators. Farmers attending training must have their own access to an applicator.
Applicator training will require the FMO to have access to an applicator for training purposes.

The FMO will deliver the training and will be a skilled operator. FMOs must practice the operation of the applicator to perfect their own operation.

  • Only farmers who have access to and will operate the applicator will be selected as participants of the training;
  • The no. of participants will be maximum 40;
  • The training will be skills training with specific objectives i.e. after the training the participants will be able to operate the applicator properly;
  • The training will be half day long, and most of the time (>70%) will be utilized in the field;
  • The practical training will be held within a real rice plot. That means the timing of the training must coincide with the crop establishment.