Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI)

   November 2016
  • 9 field demonstration
  • 57 demo crop cut
  • Regular field visits
  • Monitoring of briquette production

Upcoming AAPI Events
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Training for Briquette machine owners will divide into two parts. The first is technical training for owners and operators and will involve machine operations and maintenance, briquette production, quality control and in the case of NPK briquette manufacture, will include specifications for mixing. The second is business management and accounting training and will be for owners only. This is a 2 day course and will include business management and accounting practices.

Guidelines for Technical Training

The machine owner and the machine operator will attend this course. It is a one day course with a high practical content. All participants must be prepared to work with the machine and practice the manufacture of Guti urea.

  • Motivate and ensure attendance in due time of Briquette machine owners and machine operators (Participants) who really operate the machines.
  • Monitor and follow up, so that the participants apply their gained knowledge in the production process of guti urea and NPK guti and UDP/FDP technology
  • Make frequent visits to the briquette machine shop and check the machine condition - its cleanness and proper care of briquette machine.
  • Check the output of the product to ensure the guti is of good quality, firm and not broken.
  • If machine owners are having difficulty or not making good quality Guti, inform the Field Coordinator who will inform the AAPI Engineer immediately.

Guidelines for Small Business and Accounting Training

Business Management and Accounting Training is intended for the owners of the business. The course extends over two days but in recognition of the family commitments of business women the course has been divided into two separate days with some separation between each day to allow women to attend. Where custom dictates, business women may bring their husband or companion associated with the business, who will also be counted as a training participant. Guidelines for FMOs follow:

  • Motivate and ensure the attendance of all Briquette machine owners (participants) in the Business Management and Accounting Training.
  • Woman briquette machine owner's attendance in the training program should be ensured. The women briquette machine owner can bring her husband with her. For attending the training program wife and husband will get the transport allowance, lunch, breakfast etc .
  • The business management training is a two day course. It is realized that many women cannot spend overnight in residential training over two days. Therefore the business management and accounting training has been divided into two separate days - separated by 1 month between day 1 and day 2. This will allow participants to apply lessons and bring back experiences in the second day.
  • All briquette owners will bring their business data and calculator for realistic session exercises.
  • FMOs will:
Guidelines for Briquette Producers/Fertilizer Dealers
  • Monitor and follow up after training, so that the participants apply their gained knowledge in their business.
  • Assist the Briquette machine owners (participants) in maintaining books of accounts (cash book, stock book, sales register etc).
  • Assist in businesses prepare simple business plans.
  • Maintain frequent visit to the briquette shops and collect season wise information about prilled urea buying & selling as well as guti urea producing & selling and                record the same in a register.
  • Advise the entrepreneurs for their own sales promotion ( eg. leaflet, poster, gifts, farmer training, demonstrations, talks with farmers and motivate them to use guti             urea in lieu of prilled urea for increase yield).
  • Advise the entrepreneurs to maintain liaison with the financial institutions, so that they can obtain loan (if needed) on time for their business expansion
From the records held by the businesses in the Upazila the FMO will hold records that show the profit margin/benefits of prilled urea buying & selling as well as guti urea producing & selling (Of course the profit margin is higher in producing and selling of  guti urea  than buying and selling of prilled urea.)

Guidelines for Farmer Training and Demonstrations to be established by Briquette Machine Owners

It is incumbent upon the FMO to motivate the Briquette Machine Owners to organize farmer training and demonstrations using their own resources as part of their promotional plan.

  • All briquette machine owners must be motivated.
  • The briquette machine owner will fund the demonstration and training program.
  • They will be briefed and motivated to establish field demonstrations and to arrange farmers training as part of their business promotion as well as serving for the community.
  • The briquette machine owner will establish demonstrations under the guidance of the SAAO and FMO. This is an opportunity to establish a bond between SAAO and Business Owner (but not a dependency).
  • For training, the briquette machine owner will select and finalize the farmers.
  • The training will be conducted by the SAAO with approval from the concerned UAO.
  • The points mentioned under the guidelines of farmers training and demonstration should be followed.

Guidelines for training of local mechanics for briquette machine Servicing and repairing

Briquette machine owners and their operators were trained by ILSAFARM project on production, machine operation, maintenance and petty repairs of Briquette machine. The ILSAFARM machines have received servicing and maintenance support first from ILSAFARM and then from AAPI for 2-3 years depending on when they were purchased (2009-2010). It is time to phase out the project support and convert to a sustainable, commercial support system. The phase out strategy involves building a capacity within local workshops where local mechanics can service and maintain all machines in their area on a fee for service basis. With this end in view training of upazilla based private workshop mechanics have been planned.

  • FMOs will identify capable and senior mechanics/technicians from among good quality local workshops who are involved in manufacturing or maintenance of machineries in the ILSAFARM Upazilla area with the help of AAPI technician. The target is 2-3 workshops per Upazila.
  • FMOs will talk with workshop owners about UDP/FDP technology, briquette machine and future opportunities for additional work for maintenance of Briquette machine
  • FMOs will select senior mechanics/technicians from the selected workshops - one per workshop. FMOs will motivate and ensure attendance in due time of selected local mechanics.
  • FMOs will motivate and ensure attendance in due time of selected local mechanics.
  • Training will be a day-long technical training program in the district town - one batch per district. The selected technicians of all the Upazilas under the concerned district will attend the training program.
  • It is expected that each batch comprise of 12-16 persons and the training will continue from 9.00 am to 5.00pm with intervals of tea and lunch break at the AAPI cost.
  • The training program shall be practical oriented and activities in the program will be the dismantling of machine, parts identification and investigation, production procedure of parts, again fittings of parts to reshape the machine to working order.
  • Training will include a session on production of guti urea and adjustment of the machine for good quality guti urea production. There will be emphasis on the adjustment system and practice on the procedure of adjustments.
  • After the training program is completed and technicians are adequately educated on operation and production of Guti, FMOs will  to introduce the trained technicians physically, and also providing their address and cell numbers, with the concerned Briquette machine owners of the Upazila.
  • After making the transition the AAPI technicians will no longer service the ILSAFARM machines but will monitor local workshop performance.
  • FMOs will monitor time to time about performance of work of local mechanics and inform the AAPI Engineer through Field Coordinator.