Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI)

   November 2016
  • 9 field demonstration
  • 57 demo crop cut
  • Regular field visits
  • Monitoring of briquette production

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Guidelines for Field Trial
The trials are used to investigate effect of a certain treatment under closely managed field conditions. Site selection is similar to that for demonstrations, but more care goes into selecting the farmer and monitoring the performance. Respective farmers are trained before trial plots are set. Most trials assess effect of NPK deep placement.
There are four unreplicated treatments in each trial. Replication comes from the number of locations where trial is repeated.


The incremental rice production associated with UDP technology is derived from crop cuts sampled from farmers' fields. Each site actually has two cuts, one from a UDP field and one from a broadcast prilled urea field with the same variety and planting date. Data on yield, grain moisture and inputs of each field are recorded. The difference in yield between UDP and prilled urea fields is computed as paddy at 14 percent moisture. At the time of the crop cut, data are collected on yield, weight and moisture of grain and on variety, seed source, fertilizer practice, pest and disease management, irrigation management and labor inputs.

Orientation training programs for demo and trial farmers

Orientation trainings are provided to those farmers who will engage in setting up of demo and trial plots. These farmers are chosen from those who have already trained in FDP technology use in previous seasons.