Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI)

   November 2016
  • 9 field demonstration
  • 57 demo crop cut
  • Regular field visits
  • Monitoring of briquette production

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Guidelines for involvement of women in AAPI project activities
AAPI has a target of 25% women participation in all its activities.

  • Identify potential women farmers as training participants in consultation with male counterparts of the family. In some cases, where there are family barriers to attendance, the husband can be invited to accompany the woman to increase active participation of women in all project activities.
  • Conduct discussion meetings with the local leaders, local government representatives with the help of SAAOs to get their support for women participation in all project activities.
  • Conduct meetings with the ICM/IPM club members regarding women involvement in demonstration and trial plots and UDP block establishment. Labor costs and the need for women family members to contribute to family labor is bringing more women into field activities. This creates a convincing argument to allow women access to training and other project activities.
  • With the help of SAAOs the FMO organize motivational meetings with UDP block farmers (men and women) and encourage them to participate in project activities.
  • Invite other women at the time the demonstration is being established by women farmers.
  • Encourage trained women farmers to have meetings on UDP technology with neighboring families.
  • Ensure maximum participation of women farmers in motivational tours.
  • During training, workshops, stakeholder meetings, select experienced women farmers to share ideas on UDP technology and benefits and their involvement.
  • Identify potential women entrepreneurs to purchase briquette machines especially in new locations as the coverage expands.
  • In the training, meetings, workshops, FMO's will use pictures of women involved in related activities and give case studies as examples of successful women farmers and entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage women farmers and women entrepreneurs to demonstrate their activities in the electronic and print media with assistance from the project.
  • Highlight women activities through open sky shows in public places, community hats and bazaars to increase women's participation in FDP technology.
  • Build relationship with local NGOs, especially women organizations for increasing women access to technology and resources in farming and set some targets with them to set up blocks with their farmers groups.
  • Organize informal meetings/group discussion with CBOs (community based organization) especially with women groups and motivate them regarding importance of women participation.
  • Identify potential couples to establish UDP blocks where family couples work together. Explain the benefits of women participation, like save family labor cost, family bonds, increase movement of women, increasing the benefits etc.
  • Conduct meetings with DAE officials to get their support for women participation in project activities. Before start of each season consult the SAAOs to select women for the establishment of demos, trials and UDP blocks.
  • Conduct workshop with potential women stakeholder from union parishad, IPM clubs, farmers groups, community leaders, girl's schools, college and madrasha.

Guidelines for special workshops with women stakeholders

  • Special workshops with the women stakeholders will be organized in various upazilas that are new under the AAPI scaleup.
  • The total number participants should be 50-55 where a maximum 20% can be men participants.
  • Paired (couples) active farmers may be selected to attend the workshop. (eg. 5 couples)
  • Govt. women officers, Women headed NGO representatives, UP chairman, women members of Ups, women dealers and briquette owners, women teachers of girls schools and college, religious leaders from mosque and madrasha, community men and women leaders from each union and IPM/ICM club members having role/influence on technology transfer are the target group for selection of the participants for the stakeholder workshop.
  • The special workshop may be arranged in the UP conference room and the UP should be the middle of the upazila. (Example, 10 unions in the respective upazila, workshop will arrange in 5th number of union and participants will come from 10 unions).
  • The key note paper should be prepared to suit the objective of the workshop, presented in time followed by discussions. At the end of the workshop the recommendations must be documented for necessary action. The participants should be invited to discuss their voluntary responsibilities regarding technology expansion by women farmers.

AAPI has four program components, each of which addresses an objective. In addition, the AAPI project has a cross-cutting target that at least 20% of participants in all activities will be women.
In aiming for these objectives, the project will deliver several outputs, including:

  • 1,800,000 hectares of rice fertilized with FDP products;
  • one or more FDP applicators introduced and adopted by farmers;
  • 1,800 small businesses produce Guti urea and NPK briquettes for farmers;
  • 800,000 trained farmers (of which at least 20% are women)
  • monthly fertilizer market information reports; and
  • trained DAE staff participate in FDP and AWD extension, including farmer training, demonstrations, field days, and other activities; and
  • FDP technology included in the DAE curriculum.