Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI)

   November 2016
  • 9 field demonstration
  • 57 demo crop cut
  • Regular field visits
  • Monitoring of briquette production

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Guidelines for Sale of Briquette Machies and Sales Promotion by Briquette Owners
  • The ratio of briquette machine to area of HYV/Hybrid rice is estimated at 1:1,000 ha of UDP. This represents the demand area required for a profitable business.
  • The applicants may be farmers/women farmers/Business men or women/BCIC fertilizer dealers/ BCIC fertilizer Retailers.
  • A minimum of 25% women entrepreneurs should be given preference
  • The applicants must have own/hired premises in a hat/bazaar/market place for installation of a briquette machine, production and storage of guti urea.
  • For electric motor operated briquette machines, the applicants must have electricity supply of 3 phase, 440v, and capacity of 7.5 kw.
  • For non- BCIC dealers, the applicants must have agreement with a BCIC dealer on a non judicial stamp (Tk.150.00) for regular supply of prilled urea for production of guti urea.
  • For new potential applicants, preference should be given to hat/bazaar /market place/growth centers where there is no briquette machine owner at present.
  • Potential briquette machine owners should be selected for areas where HYV rice cultivation is high and potential demand of guti urea is high.
  • The machine owners must ensure regular care and maintenance of Briquette machine.
  • The applicants must be willing to:
            -    Attend farmer's training/meetings arranged by AAPI or DAE in their area.
            -    Keep a stock of guti urea at all times in their shops for sale and keep their shop open for sales during regular business hours.
            -    Make local publicity (leaflet, poster, CD and cable operator) with own resource.
            -    Setup guti urea demo plots with technical support of AAPI project.
  • FMO's should visit briquette machine owner's shops regularly for inspection of machine and stock.
  • FMO's should take all out effort to sell more briquette machines exceeding the sale targets fixed for each season.